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Tournaments for 2020

Lincoln Scandia Valley Lions 26th Annual Golf Tournament – Saturday, August 1st Registration Scramble, Games, Prizes. WIN A CAR with a Hole-in-One on a par 3. Meal included following the tournament.


The mystery is separated into three main rounds of game play. During the first half of the tournament, you will mingle with the characters on the suspect list (they will have name tags on to distinguish them from others at this event). They will be staged in various places along the course. Pay close attention to what they are saying, as it may be clues for what happens later. Feel free to ask them questions to get a good feel for who they are and what is going on in their lives. Some characters may have signed up for the tournament, and some may be staff members of the country club. Be sure to find out if anybody is playing in the tournament! Eventually, you will be notified that a murder will happen. in the second round of game play. When it does, you will become an investigator. You’ll be given a mystery investigation sheet and a writing utensil. For the remainder of the course, you will be given evidence gathered by the forensic investigator. Use this information to make your final guess of whodunit. You will be asked to turn in your investigation sheet after you finish the eighteenth hole. Be sure your name is on the sheet! During the final round, you will find out if your guess was correct as the actors present their
solutions. Hopefully, the murderer will confess


Spike Callaway Golf Caddy,Bloodworth Falls Country Club

Spike Callaway is the antisocial golf caddy at the Bloodworth Falls Country Club. Spike Callaway is definitely not one to seek out for a good conversation, as s/he despises people in general. As long as you leave Spike Callaway alone, you’ll have peace. An excellent caddy, Spike’s been a golf course employee since s/he turned sixteen. Spike will be unable to caddy in the tournament due to a recent injury, but you’ll see Spike’s surly face at the registration table!

Ace Bunker
Ace Bunker is the second wealthiest person in all of Bloodworth Falls. Ace Bunker is quite powerful, as s/he owns many properties in town. Ace’s pile of gold was built from many frivolous lawsuits years ago. This tycoon has a short fuse, so don’t light it unless you want to waste countless hours in a courtroom. Ace is a longstanding member of Bloodworth Falls Country Club, but wouldn’t mind scoring a complimentary membership – especially since the money would come from Julian Tremblay’s wallet. Ace has signed up to play in the tournament, and plans to win. Ace Bunker’s motto is there’s always more money to be made.

Birdie Fore
Event Planner, Bloodworth Falls Country Club Birdie Fore is the cynical event planner for the Bloodworth Falls Country Club. Birdie does whatever it takes to plan breathtaking events, and will stop at nothing to ensure his/her events are the talk of the town. Julian Tremblay, the heir of Black Night Castle, warned Mayor Divot not to hire Birdie Fore to host the after party of the
tournament, as Julian and Birdie have been foes since childhood. However, Mayor Divot went against Julian’s advice and hired Birdie to plan the event. The mayor’s extremely worried that Birdie will fail, and the after party of the tournament will be a disaster.

Bogey Balata
Julian Tremblay’s
Personal Assistant
Bogey Balata founded the company Nerd Squadron, a traveling computer support business a few years ago. The townsfolk were shocked when s/he resigned as the
CEO six months ago to become the personal assistant of the town’s wealthiest resident, Julian Tremblay. Many people wonder why Bogey would give up a dream job as a business owner to run errands for an entitled heir. Nonetheless, Bogey has signed up to play in the tournament and would love nothing more than to win a free membership to the country club.

Olly Divot
Mayor of Bloodworth Falls
Olly Divot is the scandalous mayor of Bloodworth Falls. Olly is no stranger to corruption, bribery, and blackmail. However, the mayor’s a hard worker and takes care of the primary needs of the people of Bloodworth Falls. Things are still doomand-gloom in the town, but nobody dares to run against Olly for mayor. Olly is friends with Julian Tremblay, the heir of Black Night Castle and wealthiest person in town. That is why Olly is hosting the tournament – to kiss up to Julian. Rumors have been floating around town that Julian may even have some dirt on Olly, as the mayor is
always overly-accommodating to Mr. Tremblay.

Andi Mulligan
Golf Course Ranger, Bloodworth Falls Country Club
Andi Mulligan is the authoritarian golf course ranger at Bloodworth Falls Country Club. Away from the golf course, Andi is obliging and friendly. On the course, Andi is strict and follows the rules and etiquette of golf without exceptions. Andi has worked at the country club for many years, and is a dedicated employee. Andi will be the head golf course ranger for the tournament. That means nobody will be allowed to cheat or get away with any nonsense.

Robin Slice
Investigative Reporter,
CBC News
Robin Slice is the gregarious news anchor for CBC News. Robin Slice is up for a promotion for the coveted prime time news desk and will do anything to snag the job. If you have news-worthy secrets, you should stay clear of Robin’s prying eyes and power-hungry ears. Robin Slice will be attending the tournament to capture interesting stories among the participants. Robin has been working on a few leads of scandals brewing in the city of Bloodworth Falls. Robin is actively hunting for enough proof to back up the story.

Sky Shank
Manager of the 19th Hole, Bloodworth Falls Country Club
Sky Shank is the manager of the 19th Hole Bar and Grill at the Bloodworth Falls Country Club. A huge fan of horror flicks, Sky often switches up the restaurant to a more gothic-inspired theme, but the members often complain to the club manager. Nonetheless, Sky will get what s/he wants at all costs, so stay out of Sky’s crosshairs if you are into self-preservation. The after party and award ceremony will be held at the 19th Hole immediately following the tournament. Sky is overseeing Birdie Fore, who is the event planner for the party. These two have been butting heads ever
since the event was conceptualized. It will be a miracle if all goes as planned.